How To Improve Circulation In Your Legs While Sleeping

Due to your circulatory system not functioning correctly, the blood vessels reduce the blood flowing naturally to your body. Nevertheless, there are several activities you can do to improve blood circulation in your legs. Let's discuss how to improve circulation in your legs while sleeping

Also, we'll talk about related information you need to keep in mind.

Tips on how to improve circulation in your legs while sleeping

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The following tips will help improve your circulatory system function:

Sleep on your backside

Sleeping on your backside is one of the easiest and most effective methods to improve circulation in your legs while sleeping. This sleeping position helps to maintain an even distribution of pressure throughout your body, which can help reduce pain.

Be sure to use a comfortable mattress and pillow to get the best night's sleep. You can also use a body pillow or bed wedge pillow if you have difficulty staying in this sleeping position.

Place a pillow under your knees

Placing a pillow under your knees can improve leg circulation while sleeping. It will help reduce pressure on your lower back and allow for more circulation in your legs. It can also reduce lower back pain and stiffness.

To do this, simply place a pillow under your knees while lying in bed. It will help keep your spine aligned, reducing stress on your back and improving circulation in your lower legs.

If you have chronic back pain, consider investing in a unique contour pillow to support your lower back and legs. This type of pillow keeps your legs elevated, allowing for improved circulation throughout the night. Additionally, ensure you're using a supportive and comfortable mattress for proper alignment while you sleep

Use compression stockings

Compression stockings help to compress the muscles and veins in your legs, which helps to increase the flow of blood throughout your body. The increased circulation can help to prevent swelling and improve your overall comfort.

Compression socks come in different sizes, lengths, and styles, so find the right ones. Make sure they fit snugly around your calf and ankle but are tight enough. It would help if you also chose a style that allows for airflow and prevents moisture buildup.

Be sure to follow the producer's instructions for how often to wash them and how to put them on properly.

Avoid crossing your legs

Crossing your legs when sitting or sleeping can contribute to poor circulation. It's because it cuts off blood flow, preventing oxygen-rich blood from reaching your lower extremities. When you cross your legs, the blood pressure of your thighs and calves on each other can constrict the veins and arteries, limiting blood flow to the lower parts of your body.

To avoid this, try not to cross your legs when you sit or sleep. Also, make a conscious effort to move around every so often if you must stay in one position for long periods

Wear loose-fitting clothing

Tight clothing can constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow throughout your body, so it's essential to wear loose clothes. Loose-fitting clothing increases blood circulation and reduces discomfort. Avoid wearing tight jeans, leggings, or other restrictive clothing at night.

Instead, opt for loose-fitting cotton pyjamas or other breathable materials that keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping. Also, ensure that your bed sheets and blankets are tight enough, which can impede circulation.

Get a foot massage

A massage effectively reduces tension and improves blood circulation throughout the body. It can help increase the blood flow to your legs and help with relaxation. To get a foot massage, you can either go to a professional massage therapist or purchase a massage device like a massager or roller.

If you are going to get a professional massage, ensure the person has experience providing foot massages and can understand your specific needs. Foot massages can be a great way to improve circulation in your legs while sleeping and should be done at least once a week for the best results.
When getting a foot massage, you should focus on the following areas:
- The feet, ankles and calves. These areas have the most impact on circulation.
- The arch of the foot. Massaging this area can help to relax the muscles and promote better circulation.
- The toes and top of the feet. This area can help to relax the nerves and improve circulation.

Drink ginger tea

Ginger tea provides a warm and soothing feeling and contains compounds that keep the blood moving in your whole body. Since ancient times people have used Ginger to treat various ailments, including improving circulation. Drink one cup of ginger tea daily before bed or in the morning.

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To make ginger tea;
- You'll need fresh ginger root, water, and honey.
- Start by peeling and slicing the ginger root into thin slices.
- Boil water and add the ginger slices.
- Simmer the mixture for 10 minutes before straining the tea.
- Add honey to sweeten if desired.
- Drink one cup of ginger tea daily before bed or in the morning.

Eat foods rich in flavonoids

Flavonoids are plant compounds that help carry oxygen, improve blood flow and reduce the risk of circulation problems. The best flavonoids include apples, blueberries, cranberries, onions, and dark chocolate.

Eating these foods can help reduce swelling in your legs and improve blood circulation while sleeping. Additionally, flavonoids can help increase oxygen levels in your bloodstream and protect against damage from free radicals.

You can see everything you need to know about flavonoids in our Ultiblog article All You Need to Know About Flavonoid Supplements: Health Benefits, Sources, And Buyer's Guide.

Quit smoking

Smoking is a severe health risk and can cause circulation problems in the legs. Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes constrict the blood vessels and make it harder to carry blood to reach the extremities of your body.

If you smoke, quitting will not only reduce your risk of developing circulation issues, but it can also improve your health conditions.
Talk to your doctor about getting help to stop smoking and finding healthier coping mechanisms that will work better for you in the long run.

Manage your diabetes

Having diabetes can significantly increase muscle pain in the legs. Managing your diabetes is vital to better blood circulation.

Start with your healthcare provider to create an individualized diabetes management plan. This plan should include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and monitoring of your blood glucose levels. Eating foods low on the glycemic index can help keep your blood sugar levels healthy. Interestingly, regular physical activity helps to reduce blood sugar levels while also helping to improve circulation.

Finally, take any medications prescribed by your doctor and check your blood sugar regularly. It can help you identify when your sugar levels are too high and allow you to make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help your body move blood more effectively throughout your veins, muscles and tissues. You can focus on leg exercises, such as walking, jogging, running, cycling, or swimming, which can all help with proper circulation in the legs. Moreover, it would help to incorporate exercises targeting the lower body muscles, such as squats, lunges, and calf raises. All these exercises will boost leg circulation when you go to bed.

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Stretch your hamstrings before going to bed

Our last easy tip on how to improve circulation in legs while sleeping is a hamstring stretch. Stretching your hamstrings will relax your muscles, and your blood can flow more freely. Stretching your hamstrings before bed can help reduce muscle tension and stress levels, improving comfort and better sleep quality.

-Sit down on a mat or the ground with your legs straight.
- Flex your feet and point them towards the ceiling, then slowly lean forward, reaching your hands towards your toes.
- Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds, then release and repeat.
- You can also do this stretch while standing up. Just be sure to keep your back straight.

What causes poor circulation in legs at night?

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There's a saying, "You need to understand the root of a problem before you can address it".

Different factors can contribute to poor circulation in your legs, but the most common cause is insufficient blood flow to the legs.

Also, discomfort, swelling, and fatigue can all result from poor circulation. In order to improve it and avoid further issues, it is crucial to understand what causes poor leg circulation.

The following are some reasons for inadequate leg circulation:

A sedentary lifestyle

Prolonged sitting or standing can cause blood vessels to become compressed, which limits blood flow.

Poor diet

Too many fatty foods or a diet high in sodium can contribute to poor circulation. You can also learn how to stop overeating at night in our Ultihow blog How To Stop Overeating At Night.


Nicotine can reduce the number of white blood cells reaching the legs and make it harder for blood vessels to expand and contract.


Peripheral artery disease (P.A.D.) is a condition that affects blood circulation in the body. P.A.D. happens when the arteries are narrowing, leading to poor circulation and a decrease in oxygen-rich blood reaching the extremities.


People with diabetes develop circulatory problems because high glucose levels in their bloodstream can damage their arteries over time.

Blood clots

Untreated blood clots can cause life-threatening complications. A clot occurs when blood cells and proteins block blood flow in veins or arteries. Many factors can cause blood clots, including genetics, lifestyle choices, and medical conditions.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins affect many people and can cause poor circulation in the legs. The varicose veins condition occurs when the valves in the veins become weak or damaged, causing blood to pool in the veins and leading to swelling, muscle cramps, and discoloration.

Final thoughts

Inadequate blood circulation in the legs can be a severe health issue, leading to pain, swelling, and even ulcers. Fortunately, there are ways to reverse poor circulation in the legs and improve overall health. By making lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking, you can improve your circulation and reduce your risk of developing severe complications.

Additionally, medications such as blood thinners can help improve circulation in the legs. With proper treatment and lifestyle modifications, it is possible to reverse poor circulation in the legs and lead a healthier life. 


What Sleep Position Is Best For Blood Circulation?

The overall best sleeping position is on your side with a cushion between your knees. It helps keep your hips and spine in a neutral position, reducing pressure on the legs and improving circulation. Another way to improve circulation is to sleep with your head slightly elevated. It helps to ensure that the blood flow goes toward the legs instead of away from them.


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